Technical Information

Our products are designed to be used and maintained in a particular fashion in order to maximize their lifespan and to provide safe conditions of use. Learn more by reading our technical information sheet* below.

(*Technical information is subject to change without notice)



Our Wooden volumes are made with special care to ensure maximum resistance. However, the textured part of the volume is fragile to impact so make sure that you cover it with a shock-absorbing material during storage to prevent scratches or damages.

When installing our wooden volumes, the user must use ALL fixation points with structural wood screws of appropriate size and quality. Failing to follow these installation instructions will void the warranty and could lead to serious injury.



It is very important for the recipient to carefully inspect all products once received. If the product is damaged when received please contact Solution Climbing immediately. If a product shows a crack or other failure in its structure, that a fixation point is damaged in any way, or if the product shows any other kind of damage, the product must be discarded for safety.

All Solution Climbing products are carefully inspected prior to shipping. Solution Climbing or their associates will not be held responsible in any way for further damage and/or injuries resulting from the use of damaged products.



The Solution team takes great pride in the design and manufacturing of its products. The entire process happens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Designed by setters, built by professionals; all Solution volumes and holds are designed by experienced and professional setters. Once the designs are perfected, it's off to the professional woodworking team to build the volumes by hand.