Volume Information

Solution Climbing takes great pride in producing  the highest quality volumes with a large number of standard options.



Solution volumes are made of high-quality 18 mm birch plywood. As a hardwood, birch is used because it provides the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. In addition, birch is a fast-growing tree making it a sustainable environmentally-friendly choice. 


Solution took a lot of time and effort to create our own proprietary texture, finding the perfect sticky mixture. Our texture is made up of multiple rockhard layers that are ultra-durable and can even withstand the abuse of a power washer without any effect on the texture or color. The texture is offered in all standard Solution colors as well as special request custom colors.


Solution currently offers 7 standard RAL Colors, with all standard colors matching the industry standards. 


We offer completely custom volume options as well, you give us the dimensions and we can make your dream volume come to life.  If you want to customize the color of your volume, having every side of the volume a different color, just contact us and we will do our best to make that possible.

  • Our volumes have predefined sizes but you can choose the dimensions that suit you!
  • You can choose the RAL you want and we will do our best to match it.
  • With or without T-nuts



All Solution volumes are designed for user comfort by rounding the corners of all volumes to create the most ergonomic and safest edge.


All screw placements are pre-drilled and reinforced with special metal screw washers. Use proper structural wood screws to attach the volume.


All volumes are power washable and scrubbable. Solution volumes can easily be cleaned with a power washer or by scrubbing away any chalk or shoe rubber without damaging the texture. Volumes should be suspended off the ground when washing, and should not be left in standing water. Failure to clean the holds properly/regularly may result in a degradation of color and/or texture.